South Walton Sea Turtle Watch Foundation
2014: Nest #1

Nest #1 a loggerhead sea turtle Dr. in Seagrove


2014: Nest #2

Nest #2 a loggerhead was found May 31 in Miramar Beach by Laci on the left…


2014: Nest #3

Nest #3 a loggerhead was found on June 3, 2014 by Kevin and Karen Murphy..We are going now…


2014: Nest #4

Nest #4 Miramar Beach. Near gazebo east of Whale’s tail. :) Yay!!!!!


2014: Nest #5

A loggerhead found by the volunteer early morning while she was nesting…in Miramar Beach east of Whales Tail 6-8-2014


2014: Nest #6

Val had a busy morning, first she had nest #6 in SandCliffs 50 feet west of the westernmost walkover.


2014: Nest #7

Take a look at the finger marks. Sure wish we could catch the folks who were messing with an Protected species nest. This of course is a big No No. I can’t imagine why someone would do this!


2014: Nest #8

Nest #8 a Loggerhead was found on 6-11-2014 byKelly Glover next to Gulview Hights St. Walkover Just before heavy rain…Hurrah Kelly


2014: False Crawl #9

False Crawl 9. boy poor lady, she sure did try and nest….


2014: False Crawl #10

False Crawl #10….6-13-2014 Lucky Friday the 13, in Blue Mountain almost to big red fish lake…It looks like a green, but there is no tail drag. I hope she comes back.

2014: Nest #9

is a green Hurrah, laid on 6-14-2014 below lot #9 in the retreat…found by Emily

2014: Nest #10

was found by Laci on 6-14-2014 a Loggerhead in the Miramar area by the gazebo east of Whales Tail, egg had to be moved as
they were covered by water. Hope we got them soon enough


2014: Nest #11

nest #11 was found by Beverly a Loggerhead in WaterSound

2014: Nest #12 and False Crawl #15

The East end had Nest #12 a loggerhead at 8372 E. Hwy 30A in Seacrest Picture is below False Crawl #15 a loggerhead was found near the BMB walkover
nest 12 track and nest

2014: Nest #13

Loggerhead,directly in front of County Rd. 395 public beach access, found by Dan Smith,investigated by Anne and Bobby Stuart.
photo 1

2014: Nest #14

Nest #14 was found by Al at 54 Sand Cliffs Dr. in Sand Cliffs subdivision a loggerhead

2014: Nest #15

Nest #15 a loggerhead was called in by Alex and then Debbie a Loggerhead in front of the View Restaurant in Santa Rosa Beach

2014: Nest #16

Nest #16 is at 219 Highland Ave., 4 lots east of the Stallworth walkover. It is a Loggerhead

2014: Nest #18

look at that sky wow, and still a nest. Good work team

2014: Nest #19

Nest #19 was found today by the TDC beach crew. It was storming so hard and lots of lighting so the walker did not walk so I called the TDC to be on the lookout and sure enough Nest #19 a loggerhead at 118 Montgomery St. in Seagrove…..Hurrah no picture as to rainy

2014: Nest #20

Hurrah we now are at #20 Public Park at Orange Street near lifeguard stand

2014: Nest #21

a loggerhead is 25 feet west of westernmost Beach access in Heritage Dunes in Seagrove. Look at the picture, so many people around her it is a wonder she nested. They even stamped all around it I guess so we would see it. Please people stay well back from a sea turtle on the beach to not go near her do not mess with the tracks or nest in any way. We know you care but we will really find the nest in the morning, we are out on the beach at 5:15 looking for tracks.

2014: Nest #22

Nest #22 a loggerhead was found by Barb Basinger at the eastern most tops’l condo unit. She was a very small turtle only 24 inch wide track and only came out of water 20 feet. At first Barb thought it was a false crawl. Take a look at the picture. She did not throw much sand and you can even see her body pitting area. Eggs were further in than we thought and you can see she went back over her incoming track. But when you look notice that you can’t see the end of her incoming track so that gives you a clue it is a nest, no matter how much thrown sand there is.

2014: Nest #23

Nest #23 a loggerhead is in old Grayton Beach in front of Auburn St.
SWTWG loves these wonderful learning mornings, we were all done with our morning walks when we got a phone call from the Walton County sheriff that there was a crawl in an area usually covered by the Grayton Beach state Park Rangers for us. We would not where this was by some help from our volunteers and Bobby and Anne Stuart drove over to see what was going on, use enough a great Loggerhead nest, our nest #23. What a treat it is that so many different people worked together on this one to put it all together to a great end. The Rangers were late because of things going on in the park, but would have gotten it, but we got it and Bobby and Ann got to see a new area. Thanks go out to the sheriff’s dept. that is always so helpful. Edmond for all his info and having a friend go check for us. Bobby and Ann who once again came through for us. It is nice to have such caring sea turtle people who are only interested in sea turtles.

2014: Nest #24

was found today by Ben in the Miramar area, in front of the western most house in Fransista. Good for Ben for seeing the tracts so many footprints all over. the folks there had been on the beach parting all night, stuff all over, lots of beer cans. Ben got a video that was not good to watch lots of swearing and lights on the loggerhead they even petted her. I do wish we could stop this kind of behavior. Anyway she did nest, We are so glad for that. This area will have to be watched closely. In the picture see the light on her head. Poor baby and shame on people. good going volunteers



2014: Nest #25

Angela found nest #25, the 6th nest in the midwest area, top photo. It was a loggerhead and it was located below the Dune 1 condos across from Stinky’s in Section 14. Note the body pit she created before nesting, which located right in front of Angela.


2014: False Crawl #20

Angela was a busy a lady this morning. She also found false crawl #20, bottom photo, and that crawl seemed to have been made by the same loggerhead that created nest #25. False crawl #20 was located about the mid point of Vizcaya.

2014: Nest #26

a loggerhead found by Beverly in WaterSound, first year walker second nest for her. 50 yards west of cart pathe walkover.


2014: Nest #27

Nest #27 a loggerhead was found today by Sharon in Miramar on the eastern side of Edgewater in front of the tall condo’s there. I saw the crawl and thought it was a false crawl because it looked as if it went up and made the turn and back into the water, I was taking pictures when I noticed off to the right side more tracks and fluffy thrown sand. I could not believe it, It appears she came up nested started out of the nest area then jumped into the air to make a very sharp turn and back out into the same tracks she came in out So a U shape was formed. I have seen a lot of nest but this one was very strange. But we did find eggs. Hurrah. Another busy morning. Help from Bev, Tom and Erica…..We also had false crawl #22 that was found by Robert.



2014: Nest #28

was found by Alan 75 yards west of One Seagrove Place walkover in Seagrove

2014: Nest #29

29 was below 1017 Dune Allen Dr. the midpoint in Vizcaya a loggerhead


2014: Nest #30

30 was in front of the second house east of the Blue Lupine walkover in Blue Mountain Beach a loggerhead.


2014: Nest #31

31 was 150 S. Winston Lanein Inlet Beach a loggerhead


2014: False Crawl #22

false Crawl 22 was in Blue Mountain Beach a loggerhead

The normal ratio of false crawls to nests is usually about half, but last year and this we are having way to may false crawls. I think it is because of the lights and people on the beach. We have 22 maybe 23 false crawls and 31 nests. Not sure what we can do about it but there are the facts.

2014: Nest #32

a loggerhead was found by Tosha at 179 Pelican Circle in SeaCrest

2014: Nest #33

This lady we think was trying to find a dark beach, our second nest in an area we don’t usually get a nest. a loggerhead nest in Grayton Beach 79 Lupine Rd. No bonfires any where is Grayton hurrah….Her eggs were under her outgoing crawl.

2014: Nest #35

Kelley Glover found nest #35 this morning, our 9th nest and Kelley’s 3rd, below 12 White Cliffs Crest, the 2nd house east of the Blue Lupine condos (this used to be called The Inn at Blue Mountain). It was a loggerhead nest. It is just one house to the east of the nest Kelley found last week.

Way to go Kelley, three nests in one season and they’re still laying!

2014: Nest #36

Wow, I found my second loggerhead nest this morning, she had to come up over the escarpment and then nest and back down with a slide. Beautiful nest. We have a great group of folks to talk to and educate. Thanks to all and please spread the word. This is just off the Sand Trap Public walkover in Miramar

2014: Nest #37

That is correct we found 2 nests in the Miramar area today. That brings the total in that area to 8. Wow. I got a call on this one last night which woke me up and so we were warned and good thing because no incoming track shows. Thanks to the neat folks who marked this off for us. Matt and Erica found the eggs. This nest is just west of Elephant Walk in Sandestin…Thanks again to all!



2014: Nest #38

a loggerhead at Alys Beach main walkover, we got a call from Alys Beach security and some TW volunteers were able to go down and watch her nest at about 7 P.M. What a treat and we have videos on our face book page, south walton turtle watch


2014: Nest #39

Was found by Eden Cooper a loggerhead below 201 Highland Ave., the 4th house east of the Stallworth walkover. At first she thought it might be a crawl left over from the day before because the crawl was getting so close to disappearing. It was a short crawl and the tracks were washing out from all the rain. Good work Eden with the watching for tracks.


2014: False Crawl #32

Oh what a heart beaker. 4 Mile Village needs a nest and this would have been so great. This green crawled up 95 feet into the sea oats, just to keep on trucking around and back to the water. Oh no. I called Topsail to see if they had a nest but they did not, so we all need to think great thoughts that she will come on back to 4 Mile the perfect place.



2014: Nest #40

Nest #39 another one for our Miramar area, this loggerhead found by Erica, and marked with the help of Shar. The nest is in the open area just west of Pompano Joe’s a crossed from Avalon. We usually have a nest in this area and every time, there are so many lights in that area that the poor turtle can’t find her way back to the water, She goes up and down and all around after she has nested. She is tired and the way to the water should be to the lightest area but those darn artificial lights mess her up. Here is her track back. Shar and nest.



2014: False Crawl #33

Here are some better pictures of the green crawl this morning enjoy



2014: Nest #41

Nest #41 was found by Anne Stuart, a loggerhead, this is Queen Anne’s fourth nest this year, You go girl. It is 60 yards west of the Lakeview public access. Keep a coming in girls…