NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

2009: Nest 24

Nest #24 was found by Mark in front of Beach Crest condo’s in Seagrove 7/13/09.  A loggerhead left in place beautiful nest…


A real heart breaker.  With all the rain and high water, not really sure what happened but when Joe and Bobby dug into the nest they found 72 hatchlings about 4 inches below the surface all looking as if they were climbing up but they were dead.  Poor diggers, I guess the water came up over them as they were starting to climb out.  Again why we move nests, as you can see by the results it was a great nest.  68 feet from the water when laid and 8 feet from water when dug, and had been washed over.
3 escaped
72 dead in nest
3 dead in piped eggs
2 no obvious
17 dead embryos  97 total eggs