NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

Nest # 54 a loggerhead was found by Fritz in our Miramar section. Way to go

20160815_063941_resized_1 20160815_072801_resized_1Nest

Nest #54 has hatched and been evaluated

75 hatchlings escaped from the nest

7 found live in nest and released

4 were dead in pipped eggs

28 had no obvious development

6 dead embryos

total eggs 102

68.3 % nest success

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A call was gotten about 9 p.m. the night the nest hatched and see what was going on, A photographer at the wedding called saying hatchlings were going into the lights of the wedding, they even picked up the hatchlings and put them into the water and the hatchlings came out of the water to the lights.  We of TW have seen this happen.  Erica and Matt went down to collect what hatchlings they could.  All in all about 45-50 hatchlings disorientated toward the lights.  What a mess,  Weddings should be durning the day and the wedding parties given somewhere except the beach.  THE BEACH IS THE ONLY PLACE SEA TURTLES CAN NEST AND IS SEA TURTLE NESTING HABITAT.