NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

2012: Nest #94

Another story, As nest 9 had hatched 72 hours ago Karen and I were set to dig it after our walks, so Karen found a Loggerhead nest on this 8-03-2012 west of our Nest 9. So she had to pull up the stakes before we dug the nest so we would have stakes to mark nest #94. I’m telling you, they keep on coming.

I checked nest #94 early Friday morning and nothing was going on. About 12:35, high noon, I got a call that there were hatchlings on the beach, I could find no volunteer close to go so I called the caretakers at 4 Mile, Susan and Bruce and the went down with a cooler to check. They called me they saw hatchlings, so I called Joe Burton, who is a long way away but went to help. Five hatchlings were placed into a cooler, and Joe covered the nest with more sand to keep the hatchlings from coming out into the hot sun. The hatchlings that came out were dried by the sun. They were put into the cooler with damp sand. At sundown I meet Karen at the nest and we dug it. We did this because we knew it was going to be a very cold night. They were ready to go and go they did, only going a little to the west to the moon before making it to the water. What a wonderful evening, the sand was a little cool but the water was warm. A truly perfect ending to the greatest of seasons, Thanks so very much volunteers and so good to see some old friends and ex volunteers
56 escaped from nest
34 alive and released
11 non hatched eggs
1 dead embryo
102 eggs
88 % success