NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

Category: 2015 Nests

  • Nest #57 a loggerhead was found when it hatched around September 24 near the west side of Camp Helen75

    75 hatchlings had escaped from the nest 1 dead hatchling was found in the nest 21 eggs had no obvious development 97 total eggs 77% nest success

  • Save The Sea Turtles

    Here is a new video  

  • Our False Crawl #22 is nest # 84 A Green at Sandcliffs

  • New Turtle Hatching

    This nest which had been caged because if a lighting problem was hatching when Erica went to check it.  This is a great video  

  • Nest 82 Mama with Red Light

    I used red light with one to show how she makes tracks.  You can decide to share or not.  By the time she was ready to hit the water, my phone said ‘storage full’!!!!!  I hardly had anything on my phone!  So, I got what I got.  And my memory is full of the whole…

  • Nest #83 Miramar

    Nest #83 This is such a special story, on June 19,2015 Lisa found a loggerhead crawl that went way up into the dunes. I was moving a nest down in 4 mile village that Tom had found and joined the egg hunt as soon as we were done. It was hot and all of us…

  • Nest # 82 Seacrest

  • Nest #81 Inlet Beach

  • Nest #80 Miramar

    a few brave went to dig this morning, Oh what fun but it only took us about 1 hour and a half. Yes we used shovels, but were very careful. We dug in two different areas. It was way past the hatching time and since all Panama City Leather backs did not hatch we did…

  • Nest #79 Stallworth Area