NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

2012: Nest #97

yes, that is correct, Nest #97 at Sandestin hatched last night.
Dawn found the tracks this morning on her walk.
Nest #97 was in Sandestin and was laid June 30, 2012 and was false Crawl 23
I found this crawl and Dawn, Karen and I dug and dug and never found the eggs so we made it a false crawl.
When Dawn found the tracks this morning, both Karen and I went to the area and dug and walked for over 2 hours, all three of us. and found one hatchling and lots of tracks, but we could not find where the hatchling came out of, I even had the paperwork and a picture, but nothing, we dug the whole area. Then I came home and found the pictures of the crawl and looking closely I could see they had moved the box, right on top of nest, The nest was not marked as we thought it was a false crawl. Mystery solved…I guess they moved the box because of Isaac, not sure. Poor hatchling tho went to a light on back on a security hut just down from nest.
Brock, from SanDestin Beach services, assisted us by unlocking the boxes and emptying them of umbrellas and chairs and was glad to do it. He had to reload everything when we finished and was very gracious and happy he helped in the rescue. He also said the box was moved because of Isaac. Dawn and I made sure to tell him that since the nest wasn’t marked the beach service would have had no idea a nest was there.

Nest #97
91 escaped from nest
15 non hatched eggs
106 total eggs
86% success,
What a great job we all have.