NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

Category: 2016 Nests

  • Nest #7 Miramar TW volunteers saw her nest after calls that the turtle was harassed by people no pictures

    Nest results on 7 This area of The Grand Villas Dr. and Hidden Dunes is a bad area for lights and we had many hatchlings lost to lights and some traveled a long way to the west to Camping on the Gulf to be lost by us. See  the small hatchling tracks, poor things, just because…

  • Nest #6 Inlet Beach 2016

    This nest was in an area of high ground water and we are sorry to report that all 108 no no obvious development.  So sad.

  • Nest #5 Miramar 2016

    Another high light area along scenic highway 98, darn please turn off your outside lights, we lost hatchlings to the lights 67 escaped from nest 1 was found alive in nest and released 30 had no obvious development 2 dead embryos 100 eggs 68 % nest success

  • Nest #4 Inlet Beach 2016

    Nest #4 results High water area again so sorry 1 dead pipped 1 live pipped 113 no obvious development. eggs sitting in water 115 total eggs Ugh

  • Nest #3 Inlet Beach

    Nest #3 results 74 escaped from nest 1 dead pipped eggs 9 no obvious development 3 dead embryos 87 total eggs 85% nest success

  • Nest #2 Blue Mountain Beach a loggerhead

    Nest #2 has hatched and been evaluated, It hatched in 59 days 110 escaped from the nest and went mostly toward the water 3 had no obvious development 113 total eggs 97 % nest survival

  • Nest #1 of 2016 Inlet Beach

    Nest #1 has hatched and been evaluated 90 hatchlings came out of the nest 1 was dead in the nest 10 had no development 102 eggs toatal 88% of nest survived Lights in Inlet beach pulled many hatchlings to the lights and to the road.  Please turn off any lights that shine onto the beach.…