NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

Nest #83 Miramar

Nest #83 This is such a special story, on June 19,2015 Lisa found a loggerhead crawl that went way up into the dunes. I was moving a nest down in 4 mile village that Tom had found and joined the egg hunt as soon as we were done. It was hot and all of us we very hot and tired. So with the area being way up at the top of the dunes we marked the area with a stake, GPS’ed the area and gave up. Erica has been having her volunteers that walk that area check the area after 50 days. Today Kellie walked up to the area and found that it had hatched. What a wonderful treat. We are so happy and proud. SWTWG is on the beach daily doing a great job of finding tracks and marking nests. We always watch out for anything sea turtle. So thanks to you all you are the best group. They even found a hatchling that had gone up into the grass. We always hunt for hatchling who might has gone the wrong way. Here is it’s picture.

Nest #83 6-19-2015 2015081595065422 Nest # 83 and hunt hatchling

Nest #83 that is FC#6 that we could not find the eggs but kept checking it has hatched and been evaluated
94 escaped from nest
94 total eggs
100% survival rate
This mom loggerhead sea turtle came all the way up to top of dune and nested and she sure knew what she was doing.
Hurrah for sea turtles.