NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

2014: Nest #24

was found today by Ben in the Miramar area, in front of the western most house in Fransista. Good for Ben for seeing the tracts so many footprints all over. the folks there had been on the beach parting all night, stuff all over, lots of beer cans. Ben got a video that was not good to watch lots of swearing and lights on the loggerhead they even petted her. I do wish we could stop this kind of behavior. Anyway she did nest, We are so glad for that. This area will have to be watched closely. In the picture see the light on her head. Poor baby and shame on people. good going volunteers



Nest #24 has hatched and been evaluated

escaped from nest 117
alive and released 4
dead in nest 1
no development 19
total eggs 141
survival % 86%