NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

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  • Thank You Donors!

    Thank you Lee McCalley for your donation! In memory of Tom Dixon who passed on 5/12/19 on behalf of his son and daughter in law, Jason and Deanne Dixon of Rosemary Beach. From Ashley Newman, Charline and Amy Lenagar  A gift on behalf of Mike McManus of Santa Rosa beach from Mary Lynn Womack   A…

  • Many Thanks to some of our great supporters

    1. In memory of Fred Neyland from Cheryl Garrett, his daughter, Joanna Neyland Soto of FWB, is a supporter of sea turtle conservation   2. In memory of Lt. Col. Edward Latham of Santa Rosa Beach: Steve & Beth Orlansky Joyce & Dan Allemag Corey Hinshaw Watkins & Eager Attorneys and Counselors At Law Donna…

  • Nest #37 a loggerhead was found by Shelia

    Nest #37 has hatched and been evaluated 3 escaped from the nest 80 were found alive in nest and released 8 were live pipped 9 had no obvious development 100 total eggs 91 % nest success

  • All our nests so far are Loggerhead and we have 3 false crawls Loggerhead, also

  • Nest #75 Miramar 4 Mile Village

    Nest #75 was dug at day 90, we were waiting to see if therest of the reburied eggs would hatch. This nest was dug into on 9/13/2015 by Bobcats, this was found by early morning walker. 40 dead hatchlings were found outside the beach with bobcat tracks all around. 18 were found alive and released…

  • Nest # 63 Seagrove

    Nest #63 has hatched and been evaluated 90 escaped from nest 1 dead in nest 5 no obvious development 96 total eggs 94% nest survival

  • Nest #46 Alys Beach

    evaluation 89 escaped from nest 5 had no obvious development 94 total eggs 95 % survival percent

  • Nest # 44 Sea Crest

    Nest #44 has hatched and been evaluated 59 escaped from the nest 2 had no obvious development 61 total eggs 97% nest survival      

  • Nest # 34 Inlet Beach

    Nest #34 has hatched and been evaluated 91 escaped from nest 2 alive in nest and released 18 no obvious development 111 total eggs 84 % nest survival

  • Nest # 32 Sea Crest

    Nest #32 has hatched and been evaluated 83 hatched and escaped 1 dead in pipped egg 6 no obvious development 90 total eggs 92 % hatch success